IVF Stories of People it Has Helped

I am Isabelle and I am a 34-year-old woman. I was a physician in the starting of my career. But then suddenly I started writing. Now writing is my passion and everything. I am not a physician anymore. But I loved that work too.

My husband is a chemist working with the Fertile Website. He works in a renowned pharmaceuticals in this country. He loves his work too. When we were young and fresh graduate, I wanted to help him to establish his career and he wanted to have some new experiments. So after getting home from work, we researched together about the new experiments and sometimes I helped him to project the chemical needed for new medicines. But those were different and dangerous chemical. So we had to handle those with proper care. I did not have a vast idea about chemicals so my husband did not allow me to touch those often.

R.S.M.C says that one day I was more tired than him when we got back to home. Then we started working again. But suddenly I became unconscious and I did mistake in adding up the chemicals so after two or three minutes it got burst out and all my house was literally on fire.

Though I was in right front of that, still I was not burned. Then my husband rescued me somehow and took me into the hospital immediately. Several damages happened to me that night. That somehow managed to destroy my ability to be pregnant. It was the worst day of my life to hear that I will not be able to become a mother while I was planning to take a baby. So all my dreams were nipped in the bud then. But I was not hopeless. I returned home and searched about the surrogacy. I found new things about surrogates. Soon after that accident, I lost interest in physics and chemistry. That is why I am a writer now.

I found a surrogate mother who wanted to take my baby inside – You can learn more from their site. I was very happy to get her. Then we went to doctor and doctors matched my egg with my husband’s sperm and then set the embryo in the surrogate mothers womb. When we heard of the news of being pregnant of that surrogate, our joys knew no bounds. I was the happiest ever. To nurture the woman, we took her to our home and then nurtured her with all the care I would have got if I got pregnant.